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Optimize community level food distribution

Add resilience and efficiency to your communities food supply-chain. Understand and plan how food moves into, around, and out of your region. Connect with other organizations, businesses or regions and help promote food security from the local level. Circular Insights Food Supply Chain Models are data driven visualizations developed in partnership with educational institutions, economic agencies and food security organizations.

Partners and Contributors:

TruGIS Web & Geospatial Services is proud to work with the following organizations to enhance local food security strategies:

–Central Kootenay Food Policy Council–

–Central Okanagan Food Policy Council–

–Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC)–

–Selkirk College–

–The University of Guelph–

Columbia Basin Food Supply Chain Model brought to you by the LCIC and the:

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Facilitating Resilient and Affordable Food Supply Chains in Rural Communities

Optimizing food distribution by modeling supply chains, and tracking them at the local level will foster resiliency, reduce costs, and increase food affordability in rural communities. By modeling and tracking food supply chains at the local level, and encouraging collaboration among producers, retailers, and governments, we can create a more efficient and sustainable food system that benefits everyone.

The Heart of Food Supply Chains

At the core of our modern food system are the food supply chains that connect farmers, processors, distributors, and consumers. Rural communities must develop and maintain robust food supply chains to overcome challenges such as climate change, economic fluctuations, and political unrest. By effectively managing these supply chains, communities can build resiliency and shield themselves from external influences beyond their control.

Unraveling the Mystery of Food Supply Chains

To understand the inner workings of food distribution, and pinpoint areas for improvement, we turn to modeling. This process involves creating data derived models that map out the flow of food, information, and resources throughout the system. These models shed light on inefficiencies, offer alternative scenarios, and optimize food supply chains for cost reduction, waste minimization, and sustainability enhancement.

Monitoring Food Supply Chains and Tackling Food Affordability at the Local Level

Efficient and transparent tracking of food supply chains at the local level is key to optimizing operations, ensuring food safety, and addressing food affordability concerns. Data visualization tools, like those offered by Circular Insights from TruGIS Web & Geospatial services, empower rural communities to manage supply chains through clear visual representations. By creating a space where farmers, retailers, and governments can collaborate and strategize, Circular Insights fosters a cooperative approach, starting at the grassroots level.

In rural areas, high transportation costs and inefficiencies can drive up food prices, making affordability a pressing issue for many families. Resilient food supply chains have the power to help families access healthy, high-quality food options without the financial burden. By optimizing the food supply chain and eliminating inefficiencies, communities can reduce transportation costs, leading to lower food prices for consumers.

Helpful Research and Resources

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