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Welcome to your supply chain! This project is the result of a partnership between TruGIS Geospatial, and the Lower Columbia Initiatives Corporation (LCIC).

Taking <1 min to enter your organization’s details adds you to a powerful interactive visualization of your local supply chain. Once you’ve submitted this form, an email will confirm your enrolment and provide access to the ‘data portal’, for adding supply-chain links. Each new link takes seconds, and uploads to the interactive model in near real time.

Despite the simple process, data you enter will promote your organization, support localized food distribution, add resiliency to your local economy, aid policymakers and more. Your organization will also be part of a growing network and have access to a continuously evolving supply chain toolbox.

Company Info

Add yourself to the model and promote your organization. Even if you have no additional data to enter at the moment, this will attach your organization to a local food supply-chain network. Details entered here will be used on the public facing information pane attached to the model.

*Add your organization’s logo by uploading a .jpg or .png at the bottom off the form.

Note: Skip this step if you’ve already added your organization to the model.