*Welcome! We're excited to announce the next version of the BC Food Supply Chain Model. It will go live on December 5th, 2023. Check back here to see it in action!

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Supply chain & network modelling

Circular Insights Interactive Relational Models help form a comprehensive understanding of a relational network, fostering informed data-based decisions and more effective collaboration.

Models range from straightforward designs with a few elements and only one layer, to elaborate systems with multiple layers and views, representing thousands of elements and connections. Built with either crowdsourced/real-time data, a static data set, or a combination of both, they are adaptable for a wide variety of applications.

Model Links:

View the Circular Insights Food Supply-Chain Models

Circular Insights Food Supply Chain Models are data driven visualizations developed in partnership with educational institutions, economic agencies and food security organizations.

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Whether you’re a small business seeking local collaborations, an educational institution conducting research, a regional organization aiming to boost your local economy, or a community looking to optimize its supply chains, our models are customized to address the unique challenges presented by your industry, geography, or organizational structure.

Supply Chain Development Partners

To develop insightful and useful models, TruGIS collaborates with researchers, food policy councils, economic support organizations, and circular economy leaders. To incorporate a new region or industry, contact…

The introduction of new models from a diverse range of regions or industries will enhance the overall network, shedding light on new or hidden opportunities. Thank you for the ongoing support from the following organizations:

Circular economy resource portal

The transition to a circular economy necessitates active planning and participation. Several important organizations are facilitating this transition. Take advantage of the valuable resources listed on this page to learn about and plan for a circular transition in your region.

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